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FULL MOON RISING tells the story of Jimmy Wayne Garrick who is convinced he is changing into a werewolf after being bitten by a wild animal.


FULL MOON RISING, originally presented in the award winning anthology movie THE TENEMENT, has been remastered and made available for the first time in a new director's cut with a new ending that ties to the TALES OF LIGHT & DARK SEASON 1 episodes OPEN CALL and GEOKILLING.

"We don't want to blow the ending to this story but we can tell you that it was masterfully put together." - MicroCinema Magazine

"This movie also contains two of the greatest horror movies scenes ever made...The other scene is a spectacular moment in horror movie history; toward the end of the movie, a stripper (Syn DeVil) dancing in a club squeezes a crème-filled style doughnut covered with powdered sugar between her bare breasts and drops it in on the stage in front of a patron..." - Askew Reviews







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Starring: Mike Lane and Frank Catalanotto

Part 1: October 31st

Part 2: November 7th

Part 3: November 14th

Bloopers: November 21st

Behind the Scenes Photos: November 28th

Full Moon Rising Over Germany: December 5th

Full Moon Rising Commentary: December 12th

Interview with Actor, Jack Pruett: December 19th

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