Into the Woods… Tales of Light & Dark Production Week 5

IMG_019Let me begin by saying that I’m not exactly the poster boy for fitness so hiking in the woods, for me, is the equivalent of getting sodomized in a prison.

IMG_012After having reviewed the footage from our previous outing we determined that a reshoot of a key death scene (for GEOKILLING) was in order since the lighting hadn’t been optimal.  I had this idea (really stupid idea) that we should return later when the lighting was close to what we had wanted rather than just simply dialing down the iris thereby reducing the exposure.  No, that would have been too easy.

IMG_004The reshoot was successful but as we left the woods we noticed that it was getting darker much quicker than anticipated.  The heavy tree canopy had fooled us into thinking that it was still much brighter outside of the woods.  So once again we found ourselves racing against the fading sun and once again NOT getting that final, much needed shot.

IMG_005Mick suggested that we move the scene to another location.  Haley, Jaime and I discussed how we could change the scene on the fly and then we were off and running.  The new location worked like a charm as did the improv between Haley and Jaime.

IMG_008The original scene had the cast discovering their abandoned cars and was changed to a new setting where they were attempting to escape from the factory lot but were blocked by a fence.  Everything went smoothly with the exception of the fence falling over and nearly squashing Jaime like a bug.

Somewhere around midnight, yes midnight, we finally started shooting the finale.  Mind you that we had to be back at this location 8 hours later so, much to my chagrin, we had to cut a few shots for time.  A mistake that will cost me two more trips for pickup shots at the factory.

IMG_018If you’ve seen the rabbit scene in Fatal Attraction then you’ll realize that’s how I felt right about then when I realized the last train for the city was departing at 12:35 AM and it was 40 minutes to the train station.  I had to drive the cast back to the Bronx, return home, prep for the next morning and leave by 7 AM.  I had two and half hours of sleep.  From that Friday night through Sunday night I had a total of 6 hours of sleep.  I have to point out that the cast and crew were real troopers.

IMG_006IMG_007I think the only complaints I heard were from the voices in my head.  And of course there were plenty of bananas on set to make everyone happy because after all, we need bananas to survive.

Sunday was a rough day to get through.  I started having dizzy spells due to my lack of sleep.  Thank God Matt was my co-pilot the night before when I drove to the city.  He literally kept me awake.

IMG_020Despite my lack of sleep, Sunday wasn’t bad because I had a deadline of 4 PM to make my final shot before Danielle Masterson had to fly the coop for another gig.  And thanks to the great crew and wonderful lighting by Bill Diamond, we knocked off some signature shots for OPEN CALL.

IMG_011IMG_013IMG_005These scenes are the ones that will leave the audience wanting more.  And that’s great because OPEN Call is the second of four episodes in our first season.  And if you guys that are reading this support the series and spread the word, there will be a second season.  Believe me when I say that we are just getting warmed up.

From the screen captivating presence of Jack Pruett to the deafening screams of Sandy Oppedisano, the OPEN CALL finale was everything I could have hoped for.

IMG_009You always wish you had more time but I’m very satisfied with the outcome.  I can’t wait for everyone to see Danielle’s handiwork:)

IMG_007So fast forward two weeks later and guess what?  I went into the woods AGAIN this past Friday night.  I had an insert shot with a laptop that plays a DVD in a key moment of GEOKILLING.  Now this insert could have been shot anywhere with any foliage in the background but yours truly had the bright idea that I could make the shot look better if I trekked a half an hour back into the woods and shot it on location.  And you know what?  You can’t tell the difference.  The damn laptop could have been shot anywhere.  If I never go back into those woods again it’ll be too soon!

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