24/7 Messenger Bag Review


At first glance, the 24/7 Messenger bag doesn’t appear that it can carry a whole lot.  After opening it up and field testing it, it proved to be far more versatile than it looks.  The Messenger is a classic style bag that is dual-purpose designed as a walkabout bag and as a bicycle rider’s bag.

Aside from being composed of a water-resistant material, the bag has a rather unique feature that I have not seen before. Tucked away in the bag’s bottom flap is a raincoat that pulls out and covers the entire bag for extra protection.  It’s not a separate item.  It’s attached.  When not used it actually adds some extra cushion in the bottom of the bag.


Too many times have bags made a claim to be truly water resistant so I wanted to put it to the test.  I filled the bag with some retired equipment and left the firmly raincoat encased bag out in the pouring rain for an hour only to find, once unwrapped, that the contents were safely dry.

The Messenger is actually three bags in one. Within the Messenger bag there is a small mesh bag and a small camera and lens carrier. The mesh bag is for cables. It keeps your cables, chargers, and other items organized.

The camera bag, designed for quick access, is a smaller bag with a handle and double zippers. It easily held my Nikon DSLR D3300 with the 18-55mm lens attached plus the 55-200mm zoom lens. There was still room to spare. Though geared towards DSLR users, the bag could certainly accommodate smaller video cameras.

The official breakdown on Adorama’s website states that the bag can hold 1 DSLR, 2 lenses, a speedlight, a 14″ laptop or tablet, a memory card and has additional space for personal items.


The Messenger has a very simple easy to clean, water-resistant design that that doesn’t scream camera bag which lends itself for use when you don’t want your valuable camera equipment to necessarily stand out.  It’s light enough yet sturdy and the price is surprisingly low.  It retails for #79.95 thought at the time of this review it was at the incredibly low price of $39.95 in Adorama’s online store. This is definitely a great deal for any DSLR enthusiast or pro.

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