StoryBoard Artist 7 Review


As a filmmaker, one of my biggest challenges has been translating my screenplays into storyboards. I know what I want but illustrating it in a way that my crew can understand is equally important. When I was sent a copy of PowerProduction Software’s new StoryBoard Artist 7 my prayers were answered.

Storyboard Artist 7 allows filmmakers to create a digital animatic storyboard that lets their entire crew visualize a scene prior to production, ensuring that they are all working toward the same creative vision.

New features in version 7 are unlimited posable characters, motion graphics that show character movement within shots, mobile app integration for storyboarding on the go and more.

The tool also provides a breadth of options for locations, props, characters and colors, allowing users to create custom galleries by importing art from their own libraries. Additionally, graphics selections can be overlaid on top of each other allowing the creation of a multi-layered world by selecting a background before superimposing other backgrounds on top of the primary background. Additional suites of libraries can be purchased ranging from action/adventure to sitcoms. I would have liked to have seen suites dedicated to horror and sci-fi.

While the poses and character customizations are somewhat limited, StoryBoard Artist 7 is an effective tool for prepping your next production. StoryBoard Artist is available for $499 with a Studio version available for $899. The latter offers additional customization for shots as well as integration with Avid Meta Sync.

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