3POD Orbit Aluminum Tripod and Q3 Fluid Video Head Review


Since their introduction into the photo/video industry, brands like Flashpoint and 3POD, available exclusively from Adorama, have been bridging the gap between novice and expert photographers by offering high quality, professional products at affordable prices.

The 3POD Orbit Tripod is a full service photo and video tripod, featuring fully adjustable legs and shaft, as well as the Orbit Overhead Shot System, which allows the shaft to rotate outwards from the legs, for low angle, overhead, and other specialty shots.

Using top quality materials for a balance of stability and portability, the 3POD Orbit Tripod is an excellent choice for photography and video professionals. Mount it with your favorite specialty tripod head or choose one of our kits for added savings!

I found the 3POD to be light weight yet very stable.  Photographers and filmmakers choose Aluminum for its affordable durability and strength

The 3POD Orbit Tripod has all of the features demanded by imaging professionals:

Orbit Overhead Shot System
The Orbit Overhead Shot System goes above and beyond. Besides being height adjustable like typical tripod shafts, the Orbit Overhead Shot System allows the shaft to pivot away from the tripod body, for low angle, overhead, macro, and other specialty shots. The shaft can also be rotated independent of the tripod head, for pans, tilts, and panoramas. This is where it really shines allowing for some really creative shots.

Leg Spreaders
Each leg is topped by a leg angle lock, which allows the legs to independently be spread to 85°, 60° and 35° angles. This is useful to get best stability on uneven terrain, inclines, and steps, as well as for composing low angle shots. There is a bubble level on the top plate to assist in leveling the tripod.

Foot Spikes
When used indoors, unscrew the foot covers so that the spikes are covered by the rubber feet. These will ensure a better grip on smooth flooring, and prevent damage. For outdoor use or on rocky ground, screw the rubber feet up to expose the spikes. These will provide better grip on soft or impressionable surfaces.

Leg Grip
One of the legs has a soft grip surface on it. In cold weather handle the tripod by this surface to avoid touching the colder sections.

Flip Locks
For ease of opening and closing, nothing beats Flip Locks. Feel confident in the stability of your rig with the firm snap of the Flip Lock clicking shut.

Reversible 3/8″ and ¼”-20 Screw Mount
The shaft can easily be changed from 3/8″ to ¼”-20 screw mount by rotating the top plate until the screw mount comes out, then flipping it over.

This 3POD item is covered by a 5-year warranty.
Available in 3 or 4 section units, made from high quality Aluminum starting at $139.95 or Carbon Fiber starting at $249.95.


For my review, the 3POD Q3 Fluid Video Head was included.  This video head can be purchased as a kit with the 3POD aluminum or carbon tripods at a discount or separately for $99.95.

The Q3 is a videography head designed for cinematography setups such as cinema camcorders, Video Rigs, DSLRs and ILCs. With a maximum load of 15lb., this head features separate Pan and Tilt fluid friction controls, a bubble level on the base for perfect pans, a sliding quick release plate (with safety lock) for balancing your rig, an angle adjustable ambidextrous handle for stable control, and a comfortable padded grip. Separate tilt friction and lock controls allow this head to revert to the exact same tilt tension after unlocking.

If you don’t already have a video head to mount on the Orbit tripod, the Q3 is a perfect match at an affordable price.  The only design flaw I encountered is that when the Q3 is left mounted on the Orbit tripod, the tripod carrying case does not zip closed. Aside from that, the 3POD is going to be my go-to tripod for future use in the field.

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