Red Giant Universe Review

There are hundreds of plug-ins on the market today to accomplish pretty much anything that you need to do.  Faster processors and GPUs have given consumers near unbridled flexibility and power rivaling capabilities of big production houses.

I’m not a saavy After effects user at all so to have this kind of power at my fingertips not only saves me time but money because I don’t have to hire someone to create sophisticated effects for me.

The problem is that many of these plugins can be just as hard to use as the software they plug into.  Sure it’s a time saver but if you struggle to use them or to find the right one to use then what’s the point of having them at all? Red Giant Universe tackles this issue head-on by placing the power of some of the industry’s most effective and useful plug-ins within easy operational and economical reach.

The Universe concept is consistent with a growing community-oriented model these days, whereby users are encouraged to offer suggestions and provide meaningful feedback. Once you register for free you have access to a wide range of no-cost and paid FX tools. The free tools include many popular blurs, glows, and transitions, so this is a good introduction to Universe for most users.

The paid premium content allows you access to a much larger range of tools with notable offerings like Knoll Light Factory.  Not every tool is offered at this point however.  I’m a huge fan of Magic Bullet which is currently not offered inside Universe.  That shouldn’t stop you though because this is still a terrific collection and as of version 1.1 which was released today, Red Giant Universe has already added more premium content.

A paid subscription is only $10 per month or at a discounted price of $99 for an annual subscription. It’s definitely well worth the price. For a full list of what’s included visit

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