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Light & Dark Meets The Big Guys


             Fall 2011

Chiller Theatre Fall 2011

(Left to Right) Marky Ramone signs my daughter's Converse after taking a whiff and
declaring "you can always tell the quality of a good Converse by the way it smells."
Betsy Russell (SAW series) signs an autograph and a Jigsaw Living Dead Doll.


(Left to Right) Me and SUBSPECIES director, Ted Nicolaou
MONSTER TV NETWORK'S creator Bill Diamond and puppeteer, Jude Pucillo

(Left to Right) Ian McCulloch (ZOMBIE), the late David Hess's (LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT)
son, Jesse Hess and Bo Svenson (KILL BILL VOL. 2)

(Left to Right) Chiller Theatre icon Zacherle, Reb Brown (YOR, Hunter FROM THE FUTURE and
CAPTAIN AMERICA - 1979 TV movie)

(Left to Right) How f##kin' awesome is this Planet of the Apes display!

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