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Light & Dark Meets The Big Guys


            Fall 2007                                                 2007

Fangoria Weekend of Horrors 2007

(Left to Right) Mike Lane at the Light & Dark/Gerner & Spears Effects table.
Jude Pucillo, Sal Sirchia and director Glen Baisley get together for the
premiere screening of Sins of the Father.
Sal and Sins of the Father co-star Suzi Lorraine pose for a picture.

(Left to Right) Sal at the Knock Knock table and on the Knock Knock panel.
Sal snaps some pictures with David Arquette (Scream 1, 2 and 3) and Dee Snider (Twisted Sister).

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Chiller Theatre Fall 2007

Whatchoo talkin' bout Glen?

(Left to Right) Mike mans Director Bill Zebub's table and shows off Spooked that he and I had
parts in.
What Zacherle will look like at his wake. 
I bet Luke spent many a night playing with his lightsaber growing up with hottie, Aunt Beru (Bonnie Piesse).
Bruce Davison (Willard) smells a rat. 
Martin Kove - "I ain't no rat!  I was once the sensei of the Kobra Kai.  I'll kick your ass!"

(Left to Right) Susan Blacklinie, Jaws most famous first kill, was signing autographs
and promoting the upcoming documentary, The Shark is Still Working.  30 years later,
if the shark WAS still working, do you really think he would want to eat her now?
Everybody's favorite zombie, Bub (Howard Sherman).
Here's another picture of Bub.  Oops, sorry, that's Bozo the Clown (Frank Avruch).
Can't sleep.  The clowns will eat me.

(Left to Right) Chyna Doll and Ray "Who Ya Gonna Call?  Ghostbusters!" Parker, Jr.
Laraine Newman is smiling because she knows that no matter how hard they try,
the new Saturday Night Live sucks.
Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick) is a hippie.
Scott Schwartz (A Christmas Story) prefers Wendy's over McDonalds.

(Left to Right) 58 years old and Elvira is still hot.
Hey Val Kilmer, we don't pay you to act cool.  We pay you to sign autographs.
"Val, I'm your huckleberry."

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