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Light & Dark Meets The Big Guys


            Spring 2003

              Fall 2003


(Left to Right ) This year Mike Valenzano (Oscar "Cheese Man" Valentine) really stole the show.  He was taped doing the Oscar character telling dirty jokes.  It will air on Jokevision, a new 24 hour joke
channel.  Mike quickly drops the "Cheese Man" persona to hang with Sins of the Father star Isabelle
Stephen and Syn DeVil (The Tenement).  Mike threatens Diana Baisley (The Tenement) - "I want your
cheese.  Give it to me now!"  Okay, that was cheesey but the enxt picture sure isn't.  Joe Lauria
(sporting the Black Rose Killer outfit) and Mike are chilling out with sexy Jazmin (Gonzo's Gorgeous
Girls).  And no, that's not their handprints!

"Clown!  Clown!!"  The Fright Factory struts their stuff at Chiller.

Mike fights Joe over who gets to wear the mask.  Nobody beats the Black Rose Killer.  Mike settles for
the Rellik mask and the two shamelessly promote Fear of the Dark.

(Left to Right) "Hello Mr. Sales ..."  Soupy Sales looks up and tries to figure out just what the hell
he is doing here at a horror expo.  "Is that thing real," cool, ghoul Zacherly nervously asks.  We
reassure him that the sickle is made of plexiglass.  Joe finally throws aside the mask and snatches up
Darian Caine (Seduction Cinema) for a photo.

(Left to Right) Meanwhile, back at the Light & Dark table, Gene Mazza (makeup & special effects
artist) snaps a photo with Troma and Seduction Cinema star Suzi Leigh (The Tenement & Sins of the
Father) who dons the crown of barbed wire that Gene made for her sacrifice scene in The Tenement
Then Gene is off to visit Kane Hodder (Jason from the Friday the 13th movies).  Kane admires Gene's
work on a Jason hockey mask replica and the Rellik mask.  Before saying goodbye, Gene takes
another picture.  "Ready for your close up Ms. DeVil?" Mike Lane (Fear of the Dark & The Tenement)
taunts Syn with the werewolf glove.

(Left to Right) Mike harasses Diana until directors Glen Baisley (me) and Jay W. James (Dark Mayhem
Pictures) show up.  Mike hams it up for a picture with Jonathan Breck (the Creeper from Jeepers
Creepers 1 & 2).  I finally manage to sneak in and get my picture taken with a celebrity.  Mike grabs one
last picture with Karen Black (House of 1000 Corpses).

(Left to Right)  Before I head back to the table, I get my picture taken with my all time favorite horror
movie celebrity, Angus Scrimm (Phantasm's Tall Man).  Diana one ups me and gets a photo taken with
Star Wars cast members Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) and David Prowse
(Darth Vader).

(Left to Right) Diana gets it on with Animal.  Chris Alo (Simon the Pimp from The Tenement)  steals her
back.  "Don't you be taking all my bitches!"  Sal Sirchia (The Tenement & Sins of the Father) shows up
and wins her away with his charm.

(Left to Right) You can have Sal.  I'll take Isabelle.  Sal gets jealous.  "Come on brother Glen.  Show me
the love.  Who's your favorite actor?"  Sal hangs out with Bert Young (Rocky)

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Kevin Clement, the man who makes Chiller Theatre happen.

(Left to Right) Diana meets Danielle Harris (Halloween 4 & 5), Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead remake),
Tanya Roberts (The Beastmaster & Charlie's Angels), Mark Singer (The Beastmaster & V), Margot
Kidder (Superman) and Don Calfa (Return of the Living Dead)

(Left to Right) Glen meets Tiffany Shepis (The Ghouls), Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses), Robyn
Griggs (Sever Injuries), and Sala Baker ("Sauron" from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring)

(Left to Right) Mike Valenzano meets Tromette Nikki Irene, Misty Mundae (Spiderbabe) and Darian
Caine (Vampire Vixens)

Joe chills out while the rest of us were going "bats" at the after hours parties.  We hung out with Sala Baker.

Meanwhile, Mike slipped away and joined Judy and Melissa for a private photo session.

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