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Light & Dark Meets The Big Guys


          Spring 2002                                              2002   


(Left to Right) Director Glen Baisley tries to make Fangoria Magazine's Managing Editor, Mike Gingold,
a victim for the next issue while cast members Ed Shelinsky, Diana Baisley and Rosemary Gore
look on.  Rosemary (Alice) confronts the Black Rose Killer once again.

(Below) "To be or not to be?"  That is the question the Black Rose Killer asks LghtandDrk@aol.com
(makeup work on Midnight Mass)  amazingly detailed skull.

(Left to Right) Edwin Neal and Bill Moseley (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) decide whether or not
to shake Glen Baisley and Ed Shelinksy's hands or eat them.  Glen and Diana Baisley take
turns being menaced by Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street).  Robert glared at Diana as she
prepared to snap the picture of Glen and said in his Freddy Krueger voice "Take the picture bitch!"

(Below) Scott Klein (Director of "The Risen") and Glen Baisley get attacked by a zombie and the
Black Rose Killer.

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(Left to Right) Joe Lauria (Ethan/Black Rose Killer from Sins of the Father and The Tenement) prepares
to put on the Black Rose Killer outfit and scare up some publicity.  Judy Burrett (Victim in the fictitious
Winston Korman's movies, Jack and Jill and No Trespassing from The Tenement) and Andrea Mahnke
(Goth Girl from Winston's movie Dead to Rites from The Tenement) look on.  Andrea, affectionately
known as "Drea", shares a tender moment with Joe before he tries to kill Director Glen Baisley.  Upon
close observation, it appears that the Black Rose Killer needs a shave.

(Left to Right) The Black Rose Killer (Joe Lauria) makes his rounds.  Co-stars C.J. DiMarsico (Sarah
from The Tenement) and Suzi Leigh (Morgan Reynolds from Sins of the Father and The Tenement)
cross paths with the killer.  Incognito, Joe latches onto Suzi and EI: Seduction Cinema star, Misty
Mundae.  EI star, Ruby La-Rocca seems much too comfortable with the Rose Killer's axe.  The Black
Rose Killer goes up against the Dark Lord of the Sith (Darth Vader) himself, David Prowse while David
shows Glen how he has wielded an axe or two in his day.  Finally, the Black Rose Killer meets the cool
ghoul himself, Zacherle.

(Left to Right) Fangoria managing editor (Winston Korman form The Tenement and The Cornoner from
Fear of the Dark
and Sins of the Father) meets for the first time co-star Suzi Leigh.  Special effects man,
Gene Mazza (also plays the Sistine Slasher in Korman's No Trespassing from The Tenement) shows
what Rellik is going to do to Suzi in her first movie with Light & Dark.  Director Glen Baisley shows C.J.
DiMarsico the "Gentleman" creature which appears in her story The Sound of Silence from The
.  Actor/musician Sal Sirchia (HBO's OZ) stops by to hang out with Judy, Diana and Glen. 
Glen threatens him to get him a walk-on role on Oz.  Bill Diamond (The Dark Crystal) stops by the table
to say hello.

(Left to Right) Diana Baisley (Red from The Tenement) and Danielle Russo (Janice and Jen from Fear of the Dark and The Tenement) hang out with The Sopranos stars, Robert Iler (Tony "A.J." Soprano, Jr.), Federico Castellucio (Furio Giunta), Joe Gannascoli (Vito Spatafore), John Fiore (Gigi Cestone) and a couple of the shows mob bosses.

(Left to Right) Judy Burrett with artist, Jeff Pittarelli.  Judy, Suzi and Diana meet Tom Savini (From Dusk
Till Dawn).  Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and House of 1000 Corpses) debates whether or
not to baste Judy before he eats her.

(Left to Right) Diana with Charles Napier (Silence of the Lambs), Butch Patrick ("Eddie Munster"), Jeff Conaway (Babylon 5, Grease and Taxi) and musician, Richie Scarlet,.

(Left to Right) Glen calls on Adam West (Batman) to fight the Black Rose Killer.  Glen with Sean Whalen
(The People Under the Stairs).  Glen tries to cleave Leonard Lies ("Machete Zombie" from Dawn of the
Dead) Black Rose Killer style.  Glen meets one of the greatest super villains of all time, Sarah Douglas (Superman I and II and Conan The Destroyer).

Jeffrey Combs (Re-animator) takes a moment for a photograph.

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